Limehouse is an integrated production & post-production studio specialising in captivating visuals for print, moving image and digital platforms.
Limehouse explores all routes to production. This includes CGI, retouching, animation/VFX, photography and video.
Their in-house team is skilled across all forms of post-production, for every channel. This means their producers only recommend the best solution or, if there are options, the benefits of each. When they shoot, they only work with the best fit photographer and director.
This integrated approach always ensures the best quality, use of budget and consistency across multiple channels.
Limehouse has been selected as one of the world’s best digital art studios by industry authority, Lürzer’s Archive, worked with clients all over the world (including London, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Moscow, Singapore) and have been awarded on every continent at industry shows including Cannes, Spikes Asia and D&AD.

Contact us:
+44 (0) 203 974 2442